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What You Should Know About Lawn Brown Patches

When you look at your yard, all you want to see is green. If you see any browning or dying spots, you need to find out why so you can fix the problem and get your yard back to how it usually looks. You might need a complete landscaping service to help you keep your lawn looking nice. Have a professional figure out why there are brown spots on your property.

Fertilizer Problems

Fertilizers are usually made of chemicals, but they can improve the soil and make a yard last longer. When too much is used, the salt in some fertilizers can be complex on sod and make it dry out. Over-fertilizing, which means adding too many nutrients to the soil, and under-watering, which means not giving the earth enough water, can kill a part of your lawn.

Traffic Spots

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can also wreck your garden. Animal poop can wash away the minerals in a yard, leaving it brown and dry. This is true even for roads with a lot of traffic. By making a path, you can protect an area of your yard that kids or pets walk on often from getting damaged. As an extra safety measure, change the parts of the yard that your pet can go to often.

Water Issues

Both too much and too little water can cause brown spots and dead grass. It is a great time to figure out where and how water moves around your property right after it rains. It is important to fix water problems as soon as they are found so that erosion and shifting soil don’t cause a landscape to dry out and die.

Plant Diseases

The disease is a bigger problem for the soil. Fungi, mildew, or something else might cause brown, dry spots in a yard. If your grass is sick, our experts can quickly figure out what’s wrong and treat you to eliminate the disease.

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